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About Aziza Asha:

Detroit born and self- taught designer Aziza Asha’s love for fashion began at an early age while watching her mother construct garments for friends and family. Aziza Asha would take the remaining material to recreate the looks she saw in the magazines for her baby dolls. While studying business at Florida A&M university she realized that there were not many places for her to purchase unique clothing so she began making her own.

Aziza Asha put her passion on hold when she relocated to Houston to take a position working for an insurance firm only to realize later that Houston would allow her to make her mark as a Fashion designer. Aziza Asha began exhibiting her garments at various fashions shows through-out the Houston area and dressing some of the city’s most stylish women. Aziza Asha’s designs range from glam street style with bold patterns to elegant gowns with intricate details.

Aziza Asha currently resides right outside Washington D.C serving as the sole designer, seamstress and pattern maker for the clothing line.

Aziza Asha’s passion for fashion, eye for detail, and business background allows her
to create show stopping garments for women worldwide

About Pretty Vain:

Pretty Vain was officially founded in 2012 by fashion designer Aziza Asha as a platform to display her garments. In 2017, was officially launched providing a premier destination for fashion enthusiasts that exudes self-confidence and garners the attention of everyone she encounters.

The Pretty Vain Luxury Boutique features custom designer pieces, hand-picked accessories and one of kind vintage pieces.